I finally watched: Seven

Seven Samurai

I finally watched: Seven

Well, I think I may break a trend here. I think I need to delve into spoiler territory for Seven. The aspects I want to talk or complain about are parts of the movie that, while sometimes obvious, are not revealed immediately in the movie.

And don’t get me started about the alternate ending (yet)…

But I won’t. I’ll just complain a little vaguely.

Overall it is a good movie, but it was hard to live up the hype I ended up going into it with. The gore was never gory enough. The mystery was never mysterious enough. The criminal wasn’t original enough. The ending wasn’t unpredictable enough.

No one aspect of the movie was weak. I didn’t completely understand the criminal before the reveal. I didn’t predict the ending. But I guessed at large parts of what would happen and was never far off.

Also, Morgan Freeman didn’t narrate enough.

Still, this is one of those modern classics that everyone should probably see. A speech given near the end by the criminal is a stand-out scene. Hell, most of his dialog is top-notch in both content and creepy delivery.

Spoiler warning: In the alternate ending on the dvd, the only noticable difference is the number of times a gun is fired. Seriously, what a WASTE of time watching that. The animatic does end differently though. It also lets you see the criminal in his original form as the artist envisioned…

He looks like Bill Gates.