I just bought Rez. You should, too.

Rez Plz!

I just bought Rez.  You should, too.

On Xbox Live and PSN, there are a few must own games. Undertow was free, and I hope you all already got that one. Alien Hominid packs a ton of value into its $10’s of classic Contra-like action. Everyday Shooter is probably the best top-down shooter, and PixelJunk Monsters has some of the most simple, fun co-op I’ve played in awhile.
Rez, however, is a classic. If you haven’t already played it, then you at least know of it. You know it’s hard to find. You know its a cult-classic. You know about the Trance Vibrator . So, is Rez worth $10 bucks? Considering that’s the price of admission to “must-see” movies: Yes. Sure, half the time the movie just isn’t your cup of tea or is over-hyped. The other half of the time, though, the movie is quite entertaining. And sometimes, it’s really, really great.

Either way, you have to see it to be able to talk about it with your buddies. And, can anyone really describe Rez well in words? I may give it a shot later (starfox-rhythm-panzerDragoon-flOw-amplitude shooting game?), but you do need to try playing it the Miz way.