Get Hyped for: Left 4 Dead

zombies. brains. 3 buddies.

Get Hyped for: Left 4 Dead

FPS. 4 player co-op. Zombies.

Published with Valve (Half Life/Team Fortress 2), made by the Counterstrike guys.

This is all you should need to know to begin to get excited for this game.  Not enough?  Well, lets delve into the other details they’ve reveal:

Director AI: views the action and add in scripted events and zombies as it sees fit.  Wander too far from the group?  You may find yourself cut off and against impossible odds.  Hurt and barely making it to the next safe house?  Perhaps they’ll be less zombies to contend with.  Well stocked and having an easy time?  Prepare for an incoming horde.  All of this, in theory, is controlled.  Rather than spawn zombies in, they’ll enter when it makes sense, or is most tense, for them to do so.  Fighting only a few?  Perhaps they’ll stay hidden in the shadows mostly, making noise, rather than just a small group straight in front of you.

Original interviews proclaimed that you would not be able to tell your AI partners from quiet human players and that automatic voice clips such as “reloading” would be thrown in automatically whenever applicable.

Also, now rumored to support Splitscreen co-op on the console (360).  They score extra points if the include the splitscreen on the PC as well.  Not needed, sure, but could certainly be used (360 controllers are easily compatible with Windows).

The gist?  This is a 4 player co-op experience where each player on the team has to play as a team (covering you during a reload, or simply covering your back) or you all get swarmed by zombies.  The game has just a handful of levels (5?) that are designed with replayability in mind, like a multiplayer map of Team Fortress 2 (which shipped with 4?).  Top that off with 4 other players can control zombie lieutenants throughout the levels to stop your progress and you have the makings of a very fun game.