pLayday revamp? PC Gaming?

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pLayday revamp?

So, I pose this question:  would pLayday be better on a different day or at a different time or more Systems?

Currently, it seems like people may be able to make a 9pm slot easier than an 8pm.  However, lately we have gone for 2 hrs (8-10pm), and some people can’t play much past 10.  In the current iteration, the slot is 8-9pm and we play longer if we want to.  Would it be improved if it officially started at 9, and people who want to play longer just show up early?  I find this less likely to happen.

Another idea is to mix more systems in.  We have been exclusively Live for a bit now, and I haven’t documented the games people actually own yet (but I should).  We could branch out and fit in some Mario Kart Wii, or Team Fortress 2 for PC.

We all own PC’s.  Would people be willing to pick up games like Team Fortress 2 for $20 (or Orange Box for $30), Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, or freebie’s like Command and Conquer 1, or games we may already own like Diablo 2, Warcraft 3, Fallout Tactics, Defcon, Battlefield 2?

The PC Market certainly has some other options for gaming other than FPS that support more than 4 people, namely RTS and RPG games.

Also, if we want to incorporate PC gaming in, which IM Client should we use?  Since we all have an MSN Messanger accounts (your Live acct uses it, I recommend syncing them up) we could all actively begin to use that.  Or Steam has a friends list as well.