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  • Phokal 4:46 pm on December 27, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    there is no end to: Left 4 Dead 


    Abandoned and alone in a city infested with zombies, you have no hope for survival.  The feeling of being surrounded but isolated is what most zombie/horror stories, movies, and games go for.  Yet, in many stories there are at least some other human survivors (for awhile).  Left 4 Dead centers around this aspect: the teamwork to survive.  However, in a traditional zombie movie, four CounterStrike counter-terrorist agents would have little trouble surviving.  Something has to be done to make the game challenging for the people who are already excellent at games like Halo or Team Fortress 2.

    That something is the endless horde of 28 Days Later zombies.

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  • Phokal 11:22 pm on March 24, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    There is no ending to: Super Smash Bros. Brawl 

    Snake Beats Mario

    There is no ending to: Super Smash Bros. Brawl

    Out of all my friends, I only know a couple of people who like Super Smash Bros. Brawl. They were big fans the the n64 or cube versions and are far better than I am at the game. They also play it a great deal more often. Everyone else I know (a vast majority) just can’t get into the game. I’m unsure why. But I have a hypothesis: screen tracking, randomness of environment, control intimidation. More simply put: they can’t keep track of what is going on the screen, the environment and items keep killing them and they don’t know why/can’t recognize why, and they perceive most of this is related to the fact that they think it can be controlled with the character. Comic, btw, is brought to you by the genius at VGCats.com (More …)

    • hintzilla 7:40 am on March 25, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      i just finished the subspace emissary (which i actually really had a lot of fun with) and decided to try some of the multiplayer the other day. “with friends” matches seemed to be working fine, no noticeable lag besides right when the match was loading. “with anyone” wasn’t quite the same though. my first few matches took about 4-5 minutes to actually find 3 other players, and once i was in the game, the lag made it unplayable. after playing a few more matches, the lag seemed to get better, and i ended up sticking with the same 3 players for a few matches and everything was going very smooth. except my playing, which apparently is no match for smash nerds that know every intricacy of the game. besides the constant ass kickings i was getting while playing online, it all was a pretty fun and smooth experience once it started working.

      we should try to set up some ‘noob’ matches at some point. this is the first smash game i’ve played, so playing online is pretty intimidating. we could coordinate it over XBL voice chat or something maybe since the wii’s online is so bare bones (sad).

  • Phokal 9:41 pm on February 2, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    There is no ending to: Rock Band 

    Accordion Band

    There is no ending to: Rock Band

    Rock Band is a party game. The common complaints I have heard are that the difficulty isn’t high enough, and that the guitar controller doesn’t ‘click.’ These complaints seem to come mostly from people who like Guitar Hero. Both of these complaints are true: the difficulty is not as high as Guitar Hero 2, and the Guitar is harder to use on Expert Difficulty to hit quick notes. Both of these don’t matter as much as the fact the game is meant to be played with 4 people, each with a beer in hand. (More …)

    • detnap 12:56 pm on February 3, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      I think both guitar hero and rock band are pretty good games, but are for slightly different audiences (since the “mustical instrument controller genre” has taken off).

      Rock band is for party mode, since it does allow up to 4 players and the drums and mic provide an musical outlet for those that never really got into the guitar controller. It’s fun and really makes the game a team based effort since the use of star power to increase the life of another player or to save another player gives the game another dimension. Guitar hero also does span all levels, so you can be a newcomer or someone who has played a lot of guitar hero and still have fun. Lots of fun.

      Some of the issues with Rock band though are, and I just want to touch up on them because some of the issues Aaron dismiss out of hand even though they are still important.

      1. Rock band guitar is unusable by me at harder difficulty levels. Yes, Aaron can say that this isn’t an issue for him since he plays at lower difficulty levels, but it still affects me. Since it is a party game and you’d want to cater to both your friends who are new to the game and friends who have played lot before, it would be nice to have a guitar that is usable at all difficulty levels.
      2. Guitar hero being harder at higher difficulty levels actually doesn’t really affect it at the lower difficulty levels. If someone were to be able to play rock band on medium difficulty, they would be able to play guitar hero 3 on medium difficulty as well. The extra difficulty only comes in at the very high difficulty levels. The difficulty in itself doesn’t affect the ability of someone at a party to pick up rock band or guitar hero.
      3. Where are all the female vocals? Rock band can pick up the pitch if it is exactly one octave higher or lower, but it would be really nice if some of the songs were songs that women would actually sing. Hopefully this gets solved with the downloadable content though.
      4. Hardware quality. I am actually quite concerned that at some point my guitar would stop registering strums and my drums would stop registering hits. Out of the 3 people that I know that have guitar hero, we had all sent back our guitars because they weren’t registering well, and Aaron has sent back his drums. Hardware quality with guitar hero guitars are also pretty shoddy.

    • phokal 7:19 pm on February 3, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      I sent back Claire’s GH3 wireless guitar. It had neck issues.

      What do you mean by female vocals? You mean Pop songs (songs girls like to sing)? Because it has Flyleaf and Garbage(?).

  • Phokal 10:08 pm on January 10, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    There is no ending to: SceneIt? 


    There is no ending to: SceneIt?

    There is no plot to spoil for SceneIt, only the questions. The movie selection is varied, with quite a few older Oscar-winning movies. “It won 13 Oscars?!? How have I not heard of it!” There is a nice selection of easy achievements, and a few trickier ones.

    Overall, it is a great party game. The buzzer controllers are fun to use and fairly easy to understand. They use a proprietary IR USB hub. This initially meets with a poor reaction, but they did take this as an opportunity to do something good for the consumer. You can use both a regular controller and SceneIt controller at the same time, letting up to 8 people play in teams of 2…. (More …)

    • jayskywalker 4:03 pm on January 11, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Hey that’s short round from indiana jones TOD, and he was the 007 kid in goonies. I can’t say I know his name though haha. I like scene it, and just bought the tv edition. I have the original somewhere and i really only played it once. Anyway, I just posted a new blog if you want to read mine sometime: http://www.blogforheroes.com. Keep posting!

    • zazzman 5:05 pm on January 11, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      I love SceneIt and think it’s a well-done game, but having recently played with non-gamers, I have a couple of critiques. During our first round with non-gamers, it was hard for them to tell whether or not a set of questions were “buzz in” questions or “select the answer questions”. I think this could have been resolved with a simple “The next set of questions require you to buzz in” statement before the section started. This would be more helpful than those cheesy animated segments. Another gripe they had was about the use of colors to identify players. The in-game announcer always says things like, “Way to go green team” or “Come on red team, get with it.” Everyone that was playing would then say, “Who’s green and who’s red”. Yes, I know all the remotes are colored, but people just don’t make that connection. It would have been nicer if you could create a team name and have your accolades appear on the screen or something like that.

      Great blog! Keep up the posts and don’t worry about punctuation and stuff like that. As long as you get your thoughts out, I think people will forgive you if you forget an apostrophe here or a period there. Well, everyone except for Jeff will be forgiving. :)

    • mattlindh 6:14 pm on January 11, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Why did you tag me?

    • phokal 10:00 pm on January 15, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      It has to be easier than the board game equivalent of keeping track of players and buzzing in by pausing the game. They put the icon in the middle of the color. For quick Guests, this isn’t very indicative. But wherever I see Iron-Man, I know who I am. Helps that I always pick Red as well.

      It does stem from a board game. I think the issue isn’t remembering the colors, but that the interface does not draw enough attention to player input or buzzing. Too much of the screen is used for the question and fancy presentation, but not enough to show that YOU are the one that managed to buzz in. Subtle icons in the corner are not easily readable for the first-timer.

      wrote your name down to keep track of it….now you are tagged. mwuhahahah.

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