Finding your way to where you need to be

Finding your way to where you need to be

So after my adventure of getting lost in Ohio, also known as the arm pit of the country, I have realized the importance of getting a GPS. I have been doing some research and I am leading to the Harmon Kardon. I have been impressed with their reputation and as a company.

Here is the link for the GPS units I am looking at:

I will be doing a lot more research over the next few days so I will try to post as I can.

2 thoughts on “Finding your way to where you need to be

  1. Hey, Ohio isn’t the armpit of America! Or if you insist that it is, then you will have to say it’s the left armpit, and Wisconsin is the right. Having lived in Ohio for 22 years, and Wisconsin for 16, I can tell you that the two are very similar places … only instead of Southern-twanged conservative Cincinnati, Wisconsin has the “Fargo” inflected conservative north woods.

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