Homeworld 2 Mod makes Jump to Lightspeed

SoaSE Warlords Mod Super Star Destroyer

Homeworld 2 Mod makes Jump to Lightspeed

This will be amazing. I’ve seen this HW2 mod in action, and having it brought into a realtime 4x environment should be something to be excited for.


Dubbed “Warlords” (worst descriptive name ever?), this mod turned Homeworld 2 into a star wars fleet command game. It features dozens and dozens of canon ships from the movies, books, and comics. Each were intricately detailed, scaled, and with accurate weapons fire and soundfx.

If he brings just the models over to Sins for an upgrade for fleet commands and skirmishes, it’ll be quite nice. If he gets the 4x part introduced, recreating the galactic conflict on a multi-system scale…well,… that’ll just be damn impressive.

Perhaps a even a system seller. It is hard to build deserved hype for mods. So many go on to unfulfilled promises. Others don’t go on at all, and are never released in a stable, easy to install state. But some go on to be the best games ever released (see: Team Fortress, Counter Strike, Tower Defense (Warcraft3)). I’m sure there are others I’m missing that are considered classics of gaming. This guy has already released his first mod for HW2, so he’s done it before. Here’s hoping he doesn’t have school/a kid/job/life get in the way of destroying our free time.

Good Luck, Warlords guy (EvilleJedi?).

3 thoughts on “Homeworld 2 Mod makes Jump to Lightspeed

  1. Wait just a second..That is not HW2…That’s Clearly the GUI of SINS of a Solar Empire. I have that game..Love it, now I want the patch.

  2. Yes. That was the point of the post. They are working on Warlords for Sins of a Solar Empire ;)

    Which, btw, is currently $20 at some brick&M stores like Target.

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