We are all going to buy GTA IV

The GTA IV Special edition bundle

We are all going to buy GTA IV

That’s right. We don’t have a lot of info on the included multiplayer of GTA IV, but we all know we are going to buy it anyway. I propose this be one of the games we all get for pLayday, as it is potentially (rumored) to have 16 player multiplayer. Does anyone think they won’t end up with this game within a week of launch?

8 thoughts on “We are all going to buy GTA IV

  1. probably going to be a midnight pickup for me. between this and mario kart wii (coming out same day) i’m going to be glued to the vids for a long long time.

  2. kotaku put up some pics from GTA IV’s multiplayer, and…….wow. to quote them:

    “Co-operative assaults on armoured vans should be enough to whet most appetites, but no. No, they had to go show a mid-air knife fight at sunset.”

    playday should probably be changed to “playdays”; possibly even “playweek”, come april 29th.


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