don't tell me the ending to: Bleach

Bleach is fun, but can hurt

don’t tell me the ending to: Bleach

This anime suffers from DBZ syndrome. But it’s still entertaining. I’ve watched through the end of the Soul Society arc, and hit the first section where they are probably just adding in filler. The filler section is what stopped my Naruto watching dead cold, so we’ll see if this has the same effect.

Bright, colorful, and all about sword fighting, demon slaying, and a bit of humor, Bleach is an action anime with a slow pace (especially the later Soul Society Arc episodes).

The basic premise is a normal, modern high school student is made a Reaper (yes, this series aired before Reaper). These guys are basically spirits who are samurai and kill demon ghosts, who haunt and kill normal people and normal ghosts. Hence why some of the screens you’ve seen look like it takes place in feudal Japan with samurai (that would be what Soul Society looks like), vs the way the series starts in Modern Japan (severely lacking in the samurai dept).

Still, it seems quite popular still, so hopfully this filler arc either gets better, or ends soon, and they get back to the plot that matters.

Certainly not for everyone (or, in fact, only a few people), but if you can tolerate a long-winded series, Bleach certainly seems like one of the better ones.

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