You Don't Mess with the Zohan. Watch It.

You Don’t Mess with the Zohan. Watch It.

It’s funny. That’s all you need to know. Sure, it got crushed in the reviews, but who are you watching movies for? Them or you?

I’ve heard that babies will like classical music if you play it for them in the womb. I think my enjoyment stems from that fact that during high school, i listened to the severe beating of a bus driver and that has made me into the Adam Sandler watching man that I am today. Sure, it’s not for everybody, and we can all say that $8.50 for a movie is outrageous, but sometimes a short goofy comedy with camera tricks is a lot more entertaining than something like “Howard’s End” to me. I don’t think Adam Sandler will ever win an academy award, but when has it become required that other people have to acknowledge something to be good before it can be enjoyable?

I will say that the plot isn’t very strong even with the whole peace in the middle east theme that they had going. As with all comedy, not every gag hits its mark perfectly, but it did well enough as a comedy compared to some others (for instance, I was not a fan of Evan Almighty).

Anyhow, the main point I wanted to make is that at first I didn’t want to go see it because of the reviews that I heard it received. I almost missed out on it because I was going to go along with the crowd. I will say that if you like Classic Sandler, (Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison) you should go see it.

3 thoughts on “You Don't Mess with the Zohan. Watch It.

  1. 1) Jamie Foxx has won an Academy Award.

    2) Rob Schneider needs work.

    I be sold. Now I just need to convince a group of friends…
    Or perhaps just wait until dvd?

  2. 1. Yeah, and Adam Sandler has had a couple of normal roles (Reign over me and Punch Drunk Love) which I think he did a fine job in.
    I would say that probably “In Living Color” has released a higher “per capita” list of successful actors than Saturday Night Live.
    2. Rob Schneider does need work. That’s why he’s friends with Adam Sandler. There’s always a pizza delivery guy or a taxi driver minority in Sandler’s movies and Rob will milk that for all that’s worth.

    Also, I would recommend maybe not trying to convince people to go with you. Wait for them to come to you because if they don’t like it, they will REALLY not like it and they may revoke your ability to pick a movie in the future. If you can’t find anybody, a DVD in the privacy of your own home will work too.

    The Severe beating of a bus driver is a skit from Sandler’s comedy routine CD (titled “they’re all going to laugh at you”). It was released over a decade ago, and I had mentioned that I had listed to it during my formative years, so that may explain certain abilities to enjoy Sandler.

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