I have seen the eyes of God

I have seen the eyes of God;

and his name is a 24 inch dell monitor connected to a quad core computer.

I recently bought a new computer, mostly because I wanted to have a bigger screen to work with when I’m working from home. I figured if I was going to get a new monitor, might as well have something to hook it up to.

I picked up a dell because it was cheap. For a quad core machine, it was $850 with a 24 inch monitor included. Along with that, I picked up an ATI 4850 for about $150. Not a bad deal all things considered.

The last few computers that I’ve had were laptops, so high end horsepower was a distant dream. Last time I was anywhere near the power curve was with a Voodoo 3 playing unreal tounamernt . With that, I grabbed the Crysis demo and installed that. During the first bootup, it ran pretty well and I was satisfied. Of course, test number 2 was to crank all the detail settings up to high and change the resolution to 1920 x 1200. That’s a bit too much for my little graphics card to handle. Instantly, performance went from “That’s pretty good” to “Broken slow”. It did look really, really good though. People still look like 3d models, but they look like very sharp 3d models.

This puts me in a situation though. I am looking forward to Fallout 3. I’m asking myself if I should pick it up for the PC or for the 360? I mean the graphics are good on the 360, but there’s always the slider bar on the pc to allow for spectacular graphics on the pc.

Anyhow, I’ve found computer gaming again and it is my savior.

3 thoughts on “I have seen the eyes of God

  1. Achievements vs. Mods

    A lot of people like Oblivion on PC b/c of the mod support, but it depends how much of that you are really going to install vs. just playing the original game through and moving on.

    Matt and I both just got Company of Heroes. Care to take that for a spin later?

  2. Ted, you are the most practical person I know. I hope you enjoy that new, unnecessary companion to your monitor. Also, I hope you post about your hackintosh!

  3. Of course, with hindsight, you should have posted a LINK to this deal more specifically here as well right after ordering (or before), so we could see what you got more exactly for the price.

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