Naruto Progress Report #1

Alright, brief:

I recently learned the ability to sping and dash around corners (think skidding in a racing game).  I also recently leveled up my exploration skills such as running up walls.  Combined this has really opened up the main hub world and given the game a very Crackdown or Spiderman 2 feel.  I didn’t have a crash during my last playtime experience,…but I’m still holding my breath.

And Saving Often.

Overall, I find the fighting mechanic a bit too overly simple and dull, but I still don’t have the timing down quite right, so there’s a bit of challenge there.

The really fun part is the rapid exploration of the town, and the movement around.  If only it didn’t crash whenever I hit a trap…sometimes.

I also started reading the manga to refresh my memory a bit on the story, which is presented even more poorly than Spinderman 2.  It’s pretty good.  A bit more violent than the show.

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