speak softly, and always carry a stick


I played Evil in Fable 1.  It is very rare for me to play as the Evil side primarily.  The only other game I can think of was my preference for the Soviet faction in Red Alert.

Here’s a story from Fable 1:

When you first begin your combat training as a youth, you are given a wooden stick to attack your Rival.  As you easily beat this spunky girl your instructor throws in two real swords for you to get your first taste of the weight of steel and real combat.

Your Rival eagerly picks up the weapon, but is hesitant to hurt you.

I did not pick up the weapon, but was eager to hurt my Rival.

That’s right.  I kept the stick.

This default gear was never meant to be kept.  It sells for almost nothing, takes up space, and does almost no damage.  You are meant to auto-discard it when you pick up your first free sword.  However, by foregoing the sword I went down a path the game never expected.  It never removed the stick from my inventory.  For the rest of the game I had access to it.

And in fact, I brought it out each and every time I fought the Rival.  Each time as we progressed through life, learning new skills, abilities, and magic, performing deeds of great heroics and legends, each time we met I brought out the same piece of wood I had used to beat her for her entire life.

I consider that pretty evil.

It was interesting and fun to watch the fateful arena fight to the death cinematic.  In one corner is my Rival, Hero of the Land, hesitant to kill but will in order to survive.  And in the other corner, our silent protagonist who draws from his sheath a 3 foot stick.



I can only help but think “she must *hate* this stick.”

I let her live at the end of that fight, which is apparently considered good, despite the fact I throughly and publicly embarassed her in front of thousands of people by beating her magic, enchanced heroic ass with a piece of wood you’d find on the forest floor.

As my roommate and I sat there laughing our ass off as the Hero triumphantly raised the stick over his head as the crowd cheered, we were pretty sure it was evil.  And I could play that way, even if the game didn’t quite recognize it.

I’m looking forward to Fable 2.  I wonder what it will bring.

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