No. 2004 was the year of games.


With the recent Oscar talk, I can’t help but remember all the hubub people made about this year being the year of games.  How so many great games were coming out in such short a period of time.  I remember them saying that the year before, too.

But they are wrong.

2004 was the year of games. Period.  Here’s a quick link to Gamespot’s list, though with a little research I’m sure you could find another title or two they missed.Here’s the quick list:  also note that Resident Evil 4 came out in Jan, and God of War 1 came out in March.

  • Burnout 3: Takedown for Xbox
  • Chronicles of Riddick for xbox
  • GTA: San Andreas for ps2
  • Half-life 2 for pc
  • Halo 2 for xbox
  • Ninja Gaiden for xbox
  • Paper Mario for gamecube
  • Rome: Total War for pc
  • Unreal Tournament 2004 for pc
  • World of Warcraft for pc

There. That is a year of games.

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