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Playing old Sierra games in your browser?  Awesome.

Playing them multiplayer via a chatroom interface? Very Awesome.

No saving?  Ruins it.

But, if you are still interested in some gaming history:

Their current library is:

  • Space Quest 1
  • Space Quest 2 (one of my first games after Black Cauldron)
  • Police Quest 1
  • Leisure Suit Larry 1
  • The Black Cauldron (one of my first games after Reader Rabbit)

The moment they allow for saving, or resuming from specific points (The current DVD Chapters approach needs more chapters to select from), this will be a great website.  Otherwise, death comes a bit too easy in most of these games, and restarting from the beginning or chapter start is asking a lot.  The originals supported saving at any moment.

For now, if you are really interested, you can retro game most of these on DOSBox or ScummVM and aquire them from various legacy gaming sources such as

Thanks, Kotaku

3 thoughts on “Play old Adventure games on

  1. But you can hop to any room in the game! Rightclick somewhere (or press “/”) to bring up the menu, then choose “more” and “select location”.

  2. Yes, it does. As long as you use the menu option to navigate back and forth, or use the # in the url instead of the /.

    So when you’re in a game, say in Lefty’s bar, you can change the url part #leftys to #penthouse, and hop over there while keeping your inventory and game status.

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