Steam weekend deal: Empire – Total War

steamWD empire

Well, well, well.  I did not expect Empire to hit the Weekend deal.  While still a little buggy, this is an excellent game and a steal at half off.  One of the first 3rd party retail steam games, Empire used steam as it’s copy protection.  There is no non-steam version, and this is the same thing you’d get if you bought the box in the store.

And the thing you get is Empire: Total War for $25 bucks.  Epic in scale in both battles and world map, Empire is an overall amazing game (if your machine can run it).  The Special Edition is also on sale, but I won’t bother to link to it.  I don’t think it’s worth $10 to get 5 digital units.  And normally I like special editions.

Go pick it up.  This one is great for both single or multiplayer experience.  Go check out the gametrailers review if you have any doubt.

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