PS3’s firmware bug causes Bluray skipping or freezing

Hellboy tosses the baby into the air, winds up his grenade launcher, and the baby never comes down.  The movie has completely frozen.

Was the disc broken?  Was my PS3 dying?

Nope.  The latest firmware has trouble with a specific audio codecs on the 60gig fat PS3’s.

After a bit of searching I found I was not alone and that a few other old PS3 owners were encountering symptoms very similar to my own. Hellboy 2 had been previously unwatched, but a friend verified it worked on his player.  Another movie, Wanted, had played many times without problems on previous firmware revisions.  After several lens cleaning attempts later, both Wanted and Hellboy 2 still had skipping trouble in the same places.

In the same chapter section of both movies.

Both Universal movies with the same menu system.

Both with DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 sound displayed prominently on the box.

With additional googling, it looks like this problem does not seem wide spread or well diagnosed.  I also plan to use some of my Netflix queue to test a few more movies (and duplicate the tests of Wanted and Hellboy 2).  And, hopefully, this is a known issue and is fixed in the next firmware release.

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