don't tell me the ending to: No Country for Old Men

don’t tell me the ending to: No Country for Old Men

My friends have all seen No Country for Old Men. Some recommend it, some do not. I still need to see it.

I know very little about the movie going into it, but it is apparently hard to follow without some previous knowledge. I’ve found that the lower my expectations and the less I know of the movie, the more I can enjoy watching it. I have also learned that a certain base knowledge, or non-spoilers, can help understand scenes and dialog that might otherwise have lost its meaning. So how much should I learn before I go into this one?

Below are some non-spoilers, but knowledge that people have passed on to me so that I may enjoy/understand the movie during my first viewing:

It is apparently related to a poem, whose contents help understand the movie’s plot and subject matter. The direction also has a ‘time jump’ that occurs at some point during the movie, but does not tell anyone, which also makes it a bit hard to follow.