pLayday: 2/19 – Team Fortress 2

TF2 Spy vs Eng

pLayday: 2/19 – Team Fortress 2

It is time for some 2fort. Premise is simple. Capture the flag, and bring it back to base. The flag is located in the basement of the enemy installation (a mirror image of your own). You can get there via the front entrance, then up the stairs and to one of two stairways down, or via the sewer entrance (which leads to the up stairs room).

If we can get 8 of us, we can get that elusive achievement.

I think we all own Orangebox, except for raforce, so we’ll probably flip to another game (Halo or Undertow) partway through if he’s still online. Don’t want to leave anybody out for too long :)

Course, that means anyone who hasn’t picked up CoD4 for $37-$40 bucks may want to start shopping again. I’m thinking ahead: next week Halo, week after CoD4?

That, and raforce and phyzkid may want to seriously consider Orange Box (best dollar per game value in gaming today).

Actually, while on this topic, we should just compile a list of everything we own. I KNOW we all own Halo 3, and almost all of us own gears, but what other games are we close on (where only 1 or two of us are missing it).

I know I don’t own Forza 2…