pLayday: 3/12 – L4D

Dunno what I feel like tonight. I’ll go with the safe bet of Left 4 Dead unless anyone else feels like pushing another title (burnout, sf4 at my place, gta4, halo3).

pLayday: 3/5 – Left 4 Dead

Today, let’s run with Left4Dead again on the 360.  We may be able to get enough people for a good old versus match.  Otherwise, we can try playing through on Easy for some Achievements, or Normal/Hard/Expert depending on what people want to do.

And here’s a link to the upcoming DLC videos:

pLayday: 2/26 – Left 4 Dead

We’ve got a couple new L4D’ers out there, so let’s get back to one of the best multiplayer games available.  Left 4 Dead will be tonight’s game.  Hope to see you all there.

pLayday: 2/19 – Burnout Paradise


With a dirt cheap price and new content on the way, Burnout Paradise is an easy recommendation to pick up for pLayday.  New copies can be had for $20, though are difficult to find due to it selling out at most retail stores.

There is a very large patch (a bit over a gig) called the 1.6 patch that is needed to play online.  Be sure to put your disc in nice and early right after work so that this evening your system is up to date before 9pm.

See my previous coverage on the awesome car pack from 80’s movies here.

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pLayday: 10/14 – *Cancelled*

I’m not going to be able to make it, and I don’t think we’ll get many people online without me organizing it.  So, show up if you’d like, but don’t expect to see many/any people on.  I’m going to attempt a ressurection later.  I’ll also poll quick to see who is still interested in doing it; expect to hear from me soon. Continue reading

pLayday: 10/7 – SC4 or RB2

I’m thinking of just having a few friends over.  If you are interested, drop me a line and we’ll play something.  If you are up for some Online action and can’t physically make it over, let me know and we’ll work you in somehow.

Otherwise, take note: pLayday will be changing dates in a month or so; probably to Thursday.  Email or post schedules and times you have available and I’ll pick a new day/slot.

pLayday: 9/22 – Soul Calibur 4

Hola amigos,

In honor of the recent release of The Force Unleashed, I’m thinking of playing some Star Wars.

Online turnouts have been fair; I think it’s time to host another little get together at my place for some Soul Calibur IV fun.  I’ve got the arcade sticks if you bring the skills.  If anyone has another suggestion (a bit of Rock Band 2 perhaps), feel free to post.

And what is taking them so long to release Vader as DLC (or Lightsabers as weapons for everyone else)?

Release them!  We’ll pay!

pLayday: 9/16 – Halo 3

Let’s do something fun and easy that requires no organization in any way.  Castle Crashers and Rock Band prove to be a bit on the complicated side, forcing people to get excluded from the fun due to not being organized enough up front.  That’s fine from time to time, but it’s also fun to include everyone who wants to play.  There’s only one game in town that manages to do just that: Halo 3.

Still the King when it comes to the multiplayer arena due to slick user interface, though perhaps Rock Band 2 will prove to be nearly as easy once more people own it.

pLayday: 9/9 – Rockband

Alright, so I got some requests we do Rockband instead of Halo.  We may have both running at the same time, or just bounce back and forth.  We’ll see.  Either way, I grabbed some new RB DLC and some new Halo 3 DLs, just for fun.

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pLayday: 9/9 – Halo 3 -> Rockband

I’m thinking a nice, easy to join game would be a good switch from the slightly hard to organize 4 person party/multiple games of Castle Crashers (plus, the online was proven to be pretty broken).

If anyone wants to find some custom maps and gametype combos, I would definitely be up for some of those over the standard ladder matches.  Of course, gaining experience isn’t so bad either.

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