L4D2 leaked trailer. F* Yes!

The trailer is poorly directed and piece-mealed together.  Especially when compared to the original trailer for the first game.  Still, I think I’ll loop it a few times. It looks like it’ll be amazing fun.

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BF2 1.50 patch to unite gamers

Battlefield 2.  This is the game that made me upgrade my computer back in the day (and it still was barely enough).

Now, a few years later, and a few expansions later, and they are doing a great move: making all the expansions free.

The bane of any multiplayer game is a splintered community that makes it harder to find a compatible game.  Requiring DLC to get on a specific server to play with certain people limits the number of players willing to continue paying for this product, instead of simply moving on to the next, better FPS.

But now they are reforming their community, with a game that will now run on any modern system.

I’m looking forward to when it is released:


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L4D Survival Pack is Out

L4D DLC SP is available for DL on both PC and 360.  Get to it.

pLayday: 3/5 – Left 4 Dead

Today, let’s run with Left4Dead again on the 360.  We may be able to get enough people for a good old versus match.  Otherwise, we can try playing through on Easy for some Achievements, or Normal/Hard/Expert depending on what people want to do.

And here’s a link to the upcoming DLC videos:


pLayday: 2/26 – Left 4 Dead

We’ve got a couple new L4D’ers out there, so let’s get back to one of the best multiplayer games available.  Left 4 Dead will be tonight’s game.  Hope to see you all there.

Left 4 Dead Sale extended.

I intended to post about this earlier this weekend, but ended up just telling specific people.  Now that it’s extended, I guess it’s time for an overall announcement.

Left 4 Dead is one of the best multiplayer games.  It is fun with any number of players, from 2-8.  The PC version will have Mod support coming this Spring/Summer and is currently on sale for $25.

Quick Review

Since this game will probably not drop below $20 for at least a couple years, this is about as cheap as you would ever be able to get it.  If you intend to own a PC capable of playing this game in the next 1-2 years (which, should be everyone assuming a 4 year turnaround on computers running an OS that isn’t linux), then you have little reason not to pick this up.

Unless you hate fun.  Or don’t have $25.



Because all things L4D are cool…

Most people think adding Wiimotes to custom jobs is cool.  I think adding L4D to anything is cool.  Therefore, this may be doubly cool to some of you.

To everyone else, it will at least be signularly cool:


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Surviving Expert L4D

I found this wordpress blog post to be both informative and interesting.  Did you know that once you set a Tank on fire, it is going to die X seconds later, no matter if you shoot it or not?  Or that if it jumps in the water the fire goes out, but it will still die X seconds later?

Useful stuff.  I’m going to have to try some of this out.


there is no end to: Left 4 Dead


Abandoned and alone in a city infested with zombies, you have no hope for survival.  The feeling of being surrounded but isolated is what most zombie/horror stories, movies, and games go for.  Yet, in many stories there are at least some other human survivors (for awhile).  Left 4 Dead centers around this aspect: the teamwork to survive.  However, in a traditional zombie movie, four CounterStrike counter-terrorist agents would have little trouble surviving.  Something has to be done to make the game challenging for the people who are already excellent at games like Halo or Team Fortress 2.

That something is the endless horde of 28 Days Later zombies.

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Get Hyped for: Left 4 Dead

zombies. brains. 3 buddies.

Get Hyped for: Left 4 Dead

FPS. 4 player co-op. Zombies.

Published with Valve (Half Life/Team Fortress 2), made by the Counterstrike guys.

This is all you should need to know to begin to get excited for this game.  Not enough?  Well, lets delve into the other details they’ve reveal:

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