Gears2 offering triple XP horde mode

gears2 capture point

Gears 2 is offering a limited time multiplayer event: Triple XP in Horde and multiplayer modes.  Until Nov 16th, all XP is tripled, and there are a slew of other features and playlists.

LINK, Thanks CoOp

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Gears 2 DLC, the complete collection, now available

The new Gears 2 DLC comes in two flavors: 7 new maps (featuring some classic remakes) and a deleted bonus scene single-player level for $15, or all that *PLUS* all previous DLC (19 multiplayer maps total) for $20.

This is a good chance to bring together the multiplayer community.  For $20 you can get everything and be up to date with everyone else.

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Hold off on buying Gears 2 DLC

Looks like you may want to wait on picking up those additional maps for Gears of War 2.  Just announced, there will be a retail package which includes all the current DLC, plus several new maps and a Director’s Cut of one of the levels.

Thanks, Kotaku.

This appears similar to the announcement that the Halo ODST stand-alone expansion may include all of the released Halo DLC as well.

So, kids, remember when maps used to be free?  Hell, Dawn of War 2 is getting a new 2vs2 mode with additional maps.  That’s even a Game of Windows LIVE game (PC DLC supported and even used for the pre-order goodies).

L4D Survival Pack is Out

L4D DLC SP is available for DL on both PC and 360.  Get to it.

The DLC Generation: Rockband 1 Export into Rockband 2 = $5

Worth it?

I think so.

It is worth it to not have to deal with the Rock Band 1 disc or interface ever again.  The “paid” is just the sacrifice for the fact that you can lend a disc to someone, and they get rb1 for free.  Someone who may not have picked up Rock Band 2 otherwise.

Consumers pay the price for that kind of “piracy,” but $5 isn’t too hard to swallow for that service.  It is nice that they offered it at all.  The closest that has come before was Singstar’s disc swapping ability, and that’s a distant second to this new functionality.

At $1 i wouldn’t have even blinked.

But is that just a symptom of being conditioned in this era of DLC?  This generation of gaming was supposed to be the HD generation, but I don’t think that’s really the push this generation.  Sure, the odd game has small text, but the games themselves still look as good on a small standard def as they do on HD.  Not only that, but because of the increase in textures, most gameplay is still fairly similar to last generation.  There hasn’t really been a Shadow of the Colossus yet, and it’s been 4 years.  Dead Rising can only be touted so much.

The point is: HD isn’t the main drive of this generation.  It’s DLC.

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