Surviving Expert L4D

I found this wordpress blog post to be both informative and interesting.  Did you know that once you set a Tank on fire, it is going to die X seconds later, no matter if you shoot it or not?  Or that if it jumps in the water the fire goes out, but it will still die X seconds later?

Useful stuff.  I’m going to have to try some of this out.

6 thoughts on “Surviving Expert L4D

  1. i recently found a pretty helpful video on youtube about some tips that mainly help out in multiplayer. the most useful one in here is how to relocate the witch if you’re playing as the infected. nice find, phokal, there’s a lot of good stuff in there.

    i think we should try a L4D expert run through one of these nights, i’m dying to get that achievement.

  2. seeing that an expert run takes 6 hrs, I think we’ll want to start during the day ;)

    Anyone else interested in joining in on this?

    Also, from the sound of the guide, dying doesn’t stop the achievement, only going idle. You just need to make it to the boat/vehicle for it to count. True?

  3. hey what’s up – i’m the author of the article. thanks for the trackback! just an fyi, a reader informed me that it is possible to get the achievements even after you go idle so just make sure you get back before the campaign is over. just wanted to clear that up…

  4. so when is this gonna go down?

    i played l4d all day friday and saturday split screen with one of my buddies who is a complete zombie movie nut, and he was absolutely going crazy over the game. i’ve been on a l4d bender myself as well, i just can’t stop playing it, and every time i try to stop and play another game, i end up missing the speed, controls, AUTO SHOTTY (best shotgun in any game), ai, mood, atmosphere, everything that is in left 4 dead.

    expert play through has to happen.

  5. @espion4ge thanks! I was actually quite worried about that as I was playing through.

    @hintzilla hah! I’m pretty busy this week, but this weekend sometime or early next week would work.

    and as an early preview, I’m going to be organizing pLayday again starting next week. Thursdays@9pm. We’ll be playing L4D, Gears2, or GTA4. We can figure it out once we see who all is online.

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