I finally watched: Sukiyaki Western Django


This is not a movie that can be recommended to anybody.  It can simply be explained.  Your listener, you, can then decide if they should get excited:

A modern take on the spaghetti western, filmed in Japan were lines are delivered in broken English from Japanese actors who may or may not actually know how to speak English.  And Quentin Tarantino has a part in it.

The movie is both incredibly weird and off the wall, yet also a predictable cowboy story.  A stranger rides into a town in conflict; two rival gangs are ripping it to shreds.  Which side does he join? When does he get beaten up and then recover?  Just about every cliche can be found here but they are included as homage, not as copied material.

“The sound of the Gion Shoja temple bells echoes the impermanence of all things; the color of the sala flowers reveals the truth that to florish is to fall. The proud do not endure, like a passing dream on a night in spring; the mighty fall at last, to be no more than dust before the wind.”

It helps to have a little Japanese Literature under your belt: The Tales of Genji.  The two sides of the conflict are the Heike and the Genji, with a charismatic leader of the Genji.  But the knowledge only helps with the background and mood; as long as you know that they don’t like each other, that’s more than enough for the rival gangs.

If that’s not quite enough info, check out this trailer:


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