don’t tell me the ending to: Left 4 Dead 2

I’ll start off with that, so far, I really enjoy Left 4 Dead 2.  L4D2 had a lot of negative feedback from fans of L4D1 since it was released only a year after the initial title.  L4D1’s content was sparse and most of us fans purchased L4D1 on the assumption there would be more content added for us for free or a reasonable price.  Instead, very little was released and L4D1 feels content poor; the solution is to buy the fully priced sequel that appears to be little more than an upgrade or expansion pack.

From what I’ve played, L4D2 both defies and meets these expectations.

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World War Z. A Post Modern History of the Zombie Invasion


Zombies are fun. Recently, there have been a lot of good material where zombies have re-entered our lives. They are so delightfully cliche that no matter where you see them, there is a familiarity that is enjoyable. Between Walking Dead and Left 4 Dead, that’s a lot of different mediums with Zombies. You would think that a “history” book, without all its fancy pictures and graphics would be left out of the zombie fun, but we see that books can still be enjoyable.

World War Z is an oral history of the Zombie invasion. Written by the same author as the one who wrote The Zombie Survival Guide, this book is based on the premise that a Zombie Invasion had happened, and in the aftermath, someone interviewed various survivors of the event and recorded their stories. It is a great concept and he gives his characters their own unique personalities. While I was reading though, I always had the author in the back of my mind.

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Get Hyped for: Left 4 Dead

zombies. brains. 3 buddies.

Get Hyped for: Left 4 Dead

FPS. 4 player co-op. Zombies.

Published with Valve (Half Life/Team Fortress 2), made by the Counterstrike guys.

This is all you should need to know to begin to get excited for this game.  Not enough?  Well, lets delve into the other details they’ve reveal:

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Bioshock – The rich man's Stubbs the Zombie

Stubbs the Zombie

Bioshock – The rich man’s Stubbs the Zombie

Something has been bugging me since I finished Bioshock a few weeks ago. I realized that, while I enjoyed the environments, I hadn’t found them quite as interesting as everyone was saying. The outside vistas were amazing (the one time you got to see them at the beginning of the game, and the occasional look outside a window), but the inside’s art deco setting just was not as jaw dropping pretty as I wanted them to be.

I have just realized: I played this game before. Outsider interloper from the past enters a Utopia built by a single man with a dream. Innate characteristic of foreigner brings change to society and pits character against enigmatic city founder. It a 1959’s retro/futuristic setting.

“But wait, Phokal. Bioshock takes place in 1960.”

“Your right, sir, but Stubbs the Zombie is placed in 1959.”

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My initial impressions of: Monster Madness

Monster Madness Characters

My initial impressions of: Monster Madness

I found Monster Madness for $20. Not too bad. Came in handy earlier this evening when some friends were over who wanted to play some 3 player co-op on the same box that wasn’t Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

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I read more of: Walking Dead Book 2 and 3


I read more of: Walking Dead Book 2 and 3

I finally picked up Book 2, allowing me to read through both 2 and 3. I didn’t plan on finishing them both in such short order, but I found I could barely break mid-book. It was consistently a page turner. Book 1 had an excellently structured narrative, if the main plot was a bit generic. Book 2 and 3 have a harder time keeping the narrative with a fresh delivery (stylistically, we’ve seen the ‘must-turn-page to see attack’ in Book 1), but it is still strong and new, more original plot points are introduced.

Each book has a distinct story arc, as if it was written in a style meant to be compiled in the hardcover book form.

Still, it’s going to be a long wait for Book 4 to be available….

I finally beat: Halo 3


I finally beat: Halo 3

This is a bit delayed, as I actually beat Halo 3 within two or three days of its launch.

Halo 3 is just the natural progression of Halo-ness. Halo may have revolutionized FPS with it’s two weapon system (How can I carry these 18 weapons at once? Where does that chainsaw GO when I pull out my Sniper Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, and Assault Rifle) and Regenerating Health (I’m bleeding deep in enemy territory. Good thing there are all these bullet healing health packs lying around EVERYWHERE), and a fun Co-Op Campaign (Mobile Respawn Point) but the 3rd game should bring something new to the table. After all, that’s what Halo did to make itself so popular. Let’s split this into two parts: Campaign and Matchmaking. Continue reading

Don't tell me the ending to: The Walking Dead

Walking Dead Cover

Don’t tell me the ending to: The Walking Dead


This zombie story is as cliche as they get. It also in a very well done way. I’ve finished reading Book 1, and cannot wait to see what happens next.

The story centers on the characters, and what they go through, rather than trying to scare or show off interesting zombie designs. As old characters go crazy under the circumstances or are eaten by zombies, new and interesting characters are brought into the story. When surprises are used, they always appear on the left page, so you have turn the page in order to see them. The Art style is well done and while on the unrealistic or cartoon side still makes the characters feel more real and grounded with costume design and expression. One other word can be used to describe The Walking Dead: