Don't tell me the ending to: The Walking Dead

Walking Dead Cover

Don’t tell me the ending to: The Walking Dead


This zombie story is as cliche as they get. It also in a very well done way. I’ve finished reading Book 1, and cannot wait to see what happens next.

The story centers on the characters, and what they go through, rather than trying to scare or show off interesting zombie designs. As old characters go crazy under the circumstances or are eaten by zombies, new and interesting characters are brought into the story. When surprises are used, they always appear on the left page, so you have turn the page in order to see them. The Art style is well done and while on the unrealistic or cartoon side still makes the characters feel more real and grounded with costume design and expression. One other word can be used to describe The Walking Dead:


2 thoughts on “Don't tell me the ending to: The Walking Dead

  1. I’m envious! I want to be reading this series also. I’ve only read a few pages of Book 1 and yes, it does some pretty cut and dry zombie stuff (maybe that should be cut and bloody or cut and squishy…ha ha!). But there is something about it that just makes me want to read more. It could be the fact that I absolutely love good zombie stories.

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