Avoid Left 4 Dead 2 Dedicated Servers. They are broken.

As of the launch, and a few days later, Left 4 Dead 2 dedicated servers are broken.  I have had repeated attempts to play with friends ruined by the matchmaking system placing us in a dedicated server that gave us all 1 bar of red lag.  The system is supposed to choose someone as a host in these cases, but this matchmaking logic is not triggering.  From the Pre-Match game setup screen, you can edit the servers options to look for a dedicated server (and fall back on local hosting), or skip looking for a dedicated server and simply use a Local Host.  By picking this option, I am able to easily host 4 player coop sessions of Xbox Live.

I’ll be testing L4D2 versus later.

For now, feel free to try to search for a dedicated server, but do not be surprised if you need to Vote to Return to Lobby, and manually switch to a Local Host to have a playable experience.

don’t tell me the ending to: Left 4 Dead 2

I’ll start off with that, so far, I really enjoy Left 4 Dead 2.  L4D2 had a lot of negative feedback from fans of L4D1 since it was released only a year after the initial title.  L4D1’s content was sparse and most of us fans purchased L4D1 on the assumption there would be more content added for us for free or a reasonable price.  Instead, very little was released and L4D1 feels content poor; the solution is to buy the fully priced sequel that appears to be little more than an upgrade or expansion pack.

From what I’ve played, L4D2 both defies and meets these expectations.

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L4D2 leaked trailer. F* Yes!

The trailer is poorly directed and piece-mealed together.  Especially when compared to the original trailer for the first game.  Still, I think I’ll loop it a few times. It looks like it’ll be amazing fun.

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