Wait. Tell me if you’ve heard this one before

So, here we were watching some movie trailers over lunch when we stumbled across the new Narnia 3 trailer.  After having read and been disappointed with the books as a kid, the movies haven’t really caught my attention.  The trailer music did however, because I had heard it before…

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Pixels invade as art

A very neat little music video featuring a blend of pixel art and real world shots.  You aren’t cool unless you have corners.

Get hyped for: Transformers: War for Cybertron

This. Looks. Great.

High Moon Studios made a fun multiplayer title with their Darkwatch game, and proved they can think outside the box with Bourne.  Now they’ve got a transformers title in the works, and it looks outstanding.

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L4D2 leaked trailer. F* Yes!

The trailer is poorly directed and piece-mealed together.  Especially when compared to the original trailer for the first game.  Still, I think I’ll loop it a few times. It looks like it’ll be amazing fun.

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Shank to bring back action and chainsaws

From Klei Entertainment (guys who made Eets), they just revealed Shank at PAX09.  Here’s the first trailer.  This game looks very fun.  Will probably be available for PC, and maybe XBLA and PSN (cross your fingers).

New Clone Wars Trailer

New Clone Wars Trailer

This trailer is a lot more atmospheric than the last one. I like it.

See it here.