Get hyped for: Monday Night Combat

Monday Night Combat is a new Xbox Live Arcade title coming out in the near future.  It plays like a cross between Defense of the Ancients and Team Fortress.  A more detailed description would be a 3rd person shooter, where you control 1 of a few teammate “heroes.”  During the combat, large waves of robots spawn in each team’s base and march to the center, where without intervention they will meet halfway and come to a standstill.  It is up to each team’s heroes to push their team’s army of robots further and further into the enemy base, where they can be used to destroy it.  It plays out like a Tower Defense game, if you were controlling the mobs, and the towers placed throughout the map are your enemies.

Monday Night Combat looks like it will support modes for 4 on 4, split screen, and a 2 on 2 mode.  Demo to be available (as with all XBLA titles) when it is released.

Check out this trailer:

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Get hyped for: Transformers: War for Cybertron

This. Looks. Great.

High Moon Studios made a fun multiplayer title with their Darkwatch game, and proved they can think outside the box with Bourne.  Now they’ve got a transformers title in the works, and it looks outstanding.

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Get hyped for: New Fallout by Obsidian

“Obsidian is currently headed up by Chris Avellone, who was one of the major names behind Fallout 2.”

Obsidian seems to get the responsibility for many great sequels that they did not originally make (Kotor2, NWN2, Alpha Protocol (Mass Effectish) and now Fallout 3.5).  So far, it has been obvious that each time their development is cut short and they are forced to release what feels like an unfinished, unoptimized, or unpolished product.  A product that is still better than most other games, and screams the promise of a AAA title.  Usually darker tales with decent writing.  Here’s hoping they hit it out of the park with Fallout.

Get hyped for: Trine (again, now with Coop)

As I mentioned previously, Trine looks and sounds amazing.

Now, adding coop makes it even better.  Coming soon to a PS3 or PC near you.  I just really, *really* hope they allow support for 2 players on one system, and a third on another; too many games are either all hotseat, or all online.  My roomate wants to play, too, dammit.

Get hyped.

Blood Bowl is going to be awesome


I hope we can set up private leagues.  A tabletop game by the Warhammer guys, it was a violent version of tabletop football.  Like a turn-based Mutant League with fantasy characters.  It will apparently feature both the traditional turn-based mode, and an arcade real-time mode.

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Get Hyped for: Trine

I think it’s the  music that has the most impact for me.  Sure, the game has gorgeous 2d platforming, looks to have interesting, unique mechanics for the multiple classes that you can switch between on the fly, and looks like a blast to play, but I think the music really helps set the pace.

Get hyped.

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Get hyped for: Mirror's Edge


Alright, go get the demo for Mirror’s Edge and give it a shot.

I’m not saying you need to buy this game right away.  With all of the other games coming out, and the fact this is published by EA, means it will probably be on sale within a couple months (by the time you’d have time to play it anyway).

What I am saying is, it is good enough that you may be considering getting it now anyway.  That it’s good enough to go to the top of the queue, even if logic dictates it shouldn’t.

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Get hyped for: Prototype

Whenever you hear about a Sandbox game, you generally hear about GTA.  But there is one other title that generally comes up, especially if the game involves lots of destruction:

Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

And now they are making another sandbox game:


Time to get hyped.

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Get hyped for: Prince of Persia

There’s a great gameplay (in-engine) trailer available online and on Live.  I recommend checking it out.

Also, they just released this 5 minutes of gameplay footage that looks great.  The Banter could use a little work, and I was more off put by the Prince’s Voice acting until I learned it’s the same actor as Nathan Drake (Uncharted for PS3).  And he did an excellent job there.

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Get Hyped for: Left 4 Dead

zombies. brains. 3 buddies.

Get Hyped for: Left 4 Dead

FPS. 4 player co-op. Zombies.

Published with Valve (Half Life/Team Fortress 2), made by the Counterstrike guys.

This is all you should need to know to begin to get excited for this game.  Not enough?  Well, lets delve into the other details they’ve reveal:

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