Some free XBLA titles came out today

Everyone likes free. So go grab add these to your queue using the handy web interface.  They look like some fun party games.

Doritos Crash Course

Harms Way

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The X-men arcade game returns

This is outstanding news. The X-men arcade game, with 6player online co-op, will see an XBLA and PSN release.  The only unannounced feature is if it supports up to 4 players local, and if you can mix and match local and online players. Hit more for the trailer…

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Get hyped for: Monday Night Combat

Monday Night Combat is a new Xbox Live Arcade title coming out in the near future.  It plays like a cross between Defense of the Ancients and Team Fortress.  A more detailed description would be a 3rd person shooter, where you control 1 of a few teammate “heroes.”  During the combat, large waves of robots spawn in each team’s base and march to the center, where without intervention they will meet halfway and come to a standstill.  It is up to each team’s heroes to push their team’s army of robots further and further into the enemy base, where they can be used to destroy it.  It plays out like a Tower Defense game, if you were controlling the mobs, and the towers placed throughout the map are your enemies.

Monday Night Combat looks like it will support modes for 4 on 4, split screen, and a 2 on 2 mode.  Demo to be available (as with all XBLA titles) when it is released.

Check out this trailer:

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Trine still coming to PSN and 360

A while ago, I mentioned how good Trine looks.  The PC version came out at $30 and only supports hotseat coop.  So I waited for the PS3 or Xbox versions to be available only to find them delayed.  Then, no mention of the 360 version at all.

It’s still coming, perhaps a bit later than the PSN version (which is currently in Q&A).  I played the PC demo single player and was impressed.  Coop is probably even more enjoyable.

Battlefield 1943 is coming

Next week, XBLA and PSN will have BF1943; and Xbox Live enforces a trial be available.

I would suggest grabbing that trial and giving it a shot.  It will probably be an excellent multiplayer shooter with 4 maps.  Expect future map packs to cost as much as the full game.

Thanks,  Evilavatar

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TMNT: Turtles in Time Remake for XBLA and Wii?


SDP posted at Cheapassgamer of a TMNT truck going around for the 25th anniversary.  A truck containing a demo unit for a remake of Turtles in Time.

Hit up CAG for some additional screenshots.  One more up close below…

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Lode Runner was 800; now 1200?

Early Wed morning, Lode Runner was released to the marketplace for 800 points.
All of the advertising and announcements pointed to another 1200 point release, including the page on  But the marketplace had it for 800.
I decided to purchase through the marketplace on and add to my queue.  Account charged 800 points.

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Castle Crashers can delete your save game.

Well, for as good of a game as it is, Castle Crashers has one glaring flaw: you can lose ALL of your progress.  This occurs when you play the game on multiple consoles, and when you load the 2nd console you find your characters aren’t there.  Loading the game up and exiting will then Save, wiping out any chance of getting them back.  Since this game is mostly about collecting characters, weapons, and animals, this is a huge deal.  Odd problem to have, since it is apparently all stored via your Gamertag (ala Halo 3, Gears of War, and Alien Hominid).

Also, it only happens under certain (unknown) circumstances.  Possibly tied to owning Alien Hominid HD in various states (trial, full, full but not original xbox, own full but not downloaded on current Xbox).

And this isn’t just a rumor: It happened to me :(

But, there are apparently a couple of workarounds…

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I finally beat: Braid

I finally beat: Braid

Well, finally may not be the right word.  I played through this one pretty quick.  My initial impressions held up throughout, and exceeded in terms of story.  Very similar to Portal in both story presentation and gameplay.  Platforming that requires perfect timing and precision, but a gameplay mechanic that makes what seems impossible easy.  It is less about skill, and more about knowing what you want to do. So, let’s delve into a few specifics of things Braid did right and wrong, as a compliment Sandwich:

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don't tell me the ending to: Braid

don’t tell me the ending to: Braid

Braid is simply a marvelous game.  One could think ‘Mario Bros with Time Control’ would help give an idea, a glimpse of concept, as to how it plays.

But it doesn’t.

Time control was revolutionary with Prince of Persia.  It allowed the game to be brutally difficult, slaughtering your character left and right, but a press of a button and it was as if it had never happened.  You had the mix of classic challenging gameplay with the new school though of “I don’t want to play level 1-1, again.”

This isn’t what Braid is.

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