Castle Crashers can delete your save game.

Well, for as good of a game as it is, Castle Crashers has one glaring flaw: you can lose ALL of your progress.  This occurs when you play the game on multiple consoles, and when you load the 2nd console you find your characters aren’t there.  Loading the game up and exiting will then Save, wiping out any chance of getting them back.  Since this game is mostly about collecting characters, weapons, and animals, this is a huge deal.  Odd problem to have, since it is apparently all stored via your Gamertag (ala Halo 3, Gears of War, and Alien Hominid).

Also, it only happens under certain (unknown) circumstances.  Possibly tied to owning Alien Hominid HD in various states (trial, full, full but not original xbox, own full but not downloaded on current Xbox).

And this isn’t just a rumor: It happened to me :(

But, there are apparently a couple of workarounds…

Most importantly is to NOT go into a game from the character select screen if anything looks “funny” (missing characters, wrong levels, wiped levels).  This will override your master/original save and you will be borked.

One trick is, if you find the character select screen shows only the 4 lvl1 knights, to back out to the Main Menu and try signing out of your profile without quitting.  Then sign in again while still in the game (as opposed to signing in from the dashboard and then booting the game, which is probably how you normally do it).  Then go back and see if this restored your characters properly.

I discovered this trick in this gamefaqs thread:

The other trick to try is to go to an Xbox Live match, Create a match, toggle your ready status, and then back out.  I had tried this trick to no success when I originally found my characters missing, but that may have been *after* launching a Local Game.  Hintzilla sent me this info from this thread here:

Hopefully you never encounter this issue.  Boramis loaded and played on my xbox when I purchased the game, and took his profile home and continued there without issue.  Ztynzo has been playing on a primary machine and hasn’t had issues yet either.  As far as I know, neither have czvang or Hintzilla.  Here’s hoping I don’t have the opportunity to test one of these methods, and that a patch is in the works.

This game screams “bring over your profile on a memory card” for hotseat playability, while having Live for those times to throw a quick match together.  So let’s hope this issue gets worked out soon.

7 thoughts on “Castle Crashers can delete your save game.

  1. This just happened to me, again, and Trick #2 worked!

    When you go to the character select screen and notice that it’s been blanked, just back out. It hasn’t loaded properly. On the main menu, hit the guide button and sign out. Then hit local game.
    This will prompt the 4player sign in profile box. pick your profile(s) and sign in. You should then see it load properly.

  2. well i have a 98 and my gamer tag is sporc and i just lost him and some other lvl 40-60’s but idk if i lost em for good cuz im on my friends machine

    • Your castle crashers save is tied to your profile, so no, I don’t believe so. The Castle Crasher devs would be the final word on that. But it also can’t “corrupt”, either, from what I understand. Either you load successfully and have your saved characters, or you have lvl 1 people. Hopefully this was fixed in the latest patch, but I haven’t played in awhile.

      What’s corrupt about your save? What happens as you load that is incorrect?

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