pLayday: 9/2 – Castle Crashers

This has inherit limits: only 4 players.  Of course, we could easily start up multiple games if we have more than 4 people.  I can easily see this being a combination of Phokal, Ztynzo, Boramis, Hintzilla or Chue.  If others want to play, but don’t want to plop down the cash for Castle Crashers,

come on over.

We/You could play a local game on the big TV, and I could setup an online match on the office box.  If you’re reading this and it sounds good to you, post and let me know so I can figure out how many empty player slots we’ve got.

If we have a large turn-out, we can always switch to another title, such as GTA4, Halo, COD4, or Rockband (large local turn-out).

15 thoughts on “pLayday: 9/2 – Castle Crashers

  1. my red night is somewhere in the mid 30’s. only other character i played was the guy you unlock from finishing the first arena. i played him thru the first few levels to get the achievement for beating a boss with one of his own minions.

  2. Looking like we have enough demand for 2 parties.

    Team 1:

    Team 2:
    : Claire?
    : Will, Josh, Sean, Pat (there are others).

    I figure Chue doesn’t need to beat the game anymore, and hence could help with Ted leveling.

    Ted: Think Claire would want to play? I may call her shortly, since it would be good to know ahead of time.

    Also, where do people want to be? I can host whoever wants to play locally at my apt, or we can just play over live (not as fun, right? ;)

  3. Oh, one other obvious note: big tv can easily become a Rockband tv if we get even more people, or you guys want to switch it up at all.

    I figure team 1 is in the office (smaller screen), since we are more hardcore about castle crashers, and all need to be gold if playing with Hint over Live.

    team 2 can be a local match if chue comes over (recovering profile), and ted and claire bring memory cards. Claire’s acct is silver, so otherwise she won’t gain any progress as a Guest.

  4. missed your call aaron – i was in a meeting.
    i’ll call back when work is done.

    I do not own castle crashers yet :( probably won’t be purchasing it today either.

  5. crap, i got stuck setting up my living room lastnight, so i couldn’t show up. feels good to not have the xbox and tv on top of a stack of boxes though.

    i still need to beat CC, i can’t get past the last part by myself no matter what i try, so if anyone sees me on, we should co-op for a bit.

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