Get hyped for: Prototype

Whenever you hear about a Sandbox game, you generally hear about GTA.  But there is one other title that generally comes up, especially if the game involves lots of destruction:

Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

And now they are making another sandbox game:


Time to get hyped.

Hulk:UD did a lot of things correctly.  One great example was sprinting.  There was a button you could hold in to sprint.  There was no stamina gauge.  No reason you can’t just sprint anywhere and everywhere.  As you sprint cars are knocked out of the way, you can run straight up vertical surfaces, and jump farther.  The only disadvantage is it is hard to turn or change direction.

This was the generally mentality of the game.  There were very few artificial restrictions.  If you wanted to pick up civilians and throw them into building or off of rooftops then you could.

Prototype looks to be a similar style with an original IP environment.  In a city with a mysterious outbreak and the military trying to control it, your character is the unknown factor, so powerful he is considered a third faction in the war for the city.  It has a crackdown carjacking and super powerful jumps.  As you play the controlled areas of the city change, shifting safe zones and patterns; and you level up both vehicles use and your super powers.

The other neat idea is Experience and Level-uping justified.  Your character absorbs the material and memories of his enemies, gaining their knowledge and extra mass to form new spikey armor or arm blades.  The knowledge translates into plot points or learning how to drive a vehicle matrix style.

The co-op was cut from this iteration, which is a real shame, but the game still looks like a blast.

Overall, I’m looking forward to this title.

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