The X-men arcade game returns

This is outstanding news. The X-men arcade game, with 6player online co-op, will see an XBLA and PSN release.  The only unannounced feature is if it supports up to 4 players local, and if you can mix and match local and online players. Hit more for the trailer…

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Trine still coming to PSN and 360

A while ago, I mentioned how good Trine looks.  The PC version came out at $30 and only supports hotseat coop.  So I waited for the PS3 or Xbox versions to be available only to find them delayed.  Then, no mention of the 360 version at all.

It’s still coming, perhaps a bit later than the PSN version (which is currently in Q&A).  I played the PC demo single player and was impressed.  Coop is probably even more enjoyable.

Battlefield 1943 is coming

Next week, XBLA and PSN will have BF1943; and Xbox Live enforces a trial be available.

I would suggest grabbing that trial and giving it a shot.  It will probably be an excellent multiplayer shooter with 4 maps.  Expect future map packs to cost as much as the full game.

Thanks,  Evilavatar

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