Battlefield 1943 is casual causality casualty

Game night last night consisted entirely of playing as one of the Ryan brothers in World War 2.  While I was a great service to my country, I inevitably was slain. Again and again.

“I was noscoped on the beaches, I was camped on the landing grounds, I was sniped in the fields and in the streets, I was pwned in the hills; but I will never rage quit. I will persevere. I will respawn.”

Churchill said that (or something to that effect) over seventy years ago. He knew that last Wednesday night in the year twenty and ten, that every action I’d take and every step I’d make would only lead to my demise.

Despite constant personal defeat, my team was often victorious.  I attribute this to the excellent “Squad System” in place in BF1943.  This system allows you to party up with 3 of your friends and join a game.  The advantage it gives is the ability to spawn not only to the half dozen flagged spawn points, but directly to any of your squadmates. I routinely spawned directly into the gunners turret of a moving tank from which I could shoot in the general direction of enemies before they would certainly kill me.

But my death would serve a purpose.  Each time I would hear one of my fellow squad members mention over Party Chat: “I got him for you.”

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Battlefield 1943 is coming

Next week, XBLA and PSN will have BF1943; and Xbox Live enforces a trial be available.

I would suggest grabbing that trial and giving it a shot.  It will probably be an excellent multiplayer shooter with 4 maps.  Expect future map packs to cost as much as the full game.

Thanks,  Evilavatar

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