The X-men arcade game returns

This is outstanding news. The X-men arcade game, with 6player online co-op, will see an XBLA and PSN release.  The only unannounced feature is if it supports up to 4 players local, and if you can mix and match local and online players. Hit more for the trailer…

I used to play, and beat, this game as a kid at a local nickel arcade.  This “nickel arcade” used a single nickel per-play (with a couple bucks entry fee), allowing me to fully enjoy many games such as the X-men arcade game, Sunset Riders, The Simpsons arcade game, the TMNTs, and Captain America and the Avengers (where my Iron Man appreciation began).

The X-men Legends titles, and later Marvel Ultimate Alliance, helped my nostalgia; and now I’ll get to re-experience the original title.

Dibs on Nightcrawler or Wolverine.  I’ll even play Colossus in a pinch.

Thanks, Kotaku

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