TMNT: Turtles in Time Remake for XBLA and Wii?


SDP posted at Cheapassgamer of a TMNT truck going around for the 25th anniversary.  A truck containing a demo unit for a remake of Turtles in Time.

Hit up CAG for some additional screenshots.  One more up close below…

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Because all things L4D are cool…

Most people think adding Wiimotes to custom jobs is cool.  I think adding L4D to anything is cool.  Therefore, this may be doubly cool to some of you.

To everyone else, it will at least be signularly cool:

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Club Nintendo is out NOW (in US. Has been in Japan awhile.)

Club Nintendo is out.  Apparently, all those games you registered with your account can be worth points if you take Surveys for them.

Currently, the site is being hammered, so expect sudden Username/Password rejections and logouts.  Or your todo list, which lists the available surveys you can take on your registered games, not updating.  I’d recommend waiting, but then someone may register and they’ll sell out of their few available items.

If you haven’t registered your games, that’s probably for the better.  You’ll get +10 bonus points if you declare intent to buy BEFORE registering the game itself.  Since the whole Wii game is only worth 40 (50? Reported, but I only got 40), +10 is quite a bit.

Completing a “completion” survey within 4 weeks of a games launch will also net you another +10.

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What the f@ck is this?


Seriously, WTF?  This is real?  It looks photoshopped.

A useful facebook app? Wii Friend Code o …

A useful facebook app? Wii Friend Code organizer

This may be the best use of facebook, yet. While I may get laughed at for the Wii Code in my phone, I’m also the only person to ever actually give someone a Wii Code. It’s not like anyone has the damn thing memorized.

Now, this technique may become a thing of the past.

Props to Zazzman for finding this. Now I won’t have to tattoo my friend code on my forearm.

Welcome! Got a lot of good things on sale, stranger!

Welcome! Got a lot of good things on sale, stranger!

So, I was in my local game shop browsing when I saw the gem Panzer Dragoon Orta for $10 bucks (it’s backwards compatible now) and I decide to walk up to the register to pay and leave.  After all, I had to get to bond movie night.

They have one of those 10% off used games clubs (so technically, PDO was $9).  The clerk asks for my last name to look up my club info.

Like a man wearing a trenchcoat around an alleyway, he leans over the counter:

“You want Wii Fit, right?”

Puzzled because I had just handed him an old Xbox game and had made no mention of the Wii, I still nod.  After all, I had just added my name to a queue; a list I was a few dozen low on since I had added my name to it just the day before (Thursday).

He must have recognized my name from the pre-order list for Wii Fit.

…or I just looked really out of shape…and hipster enough to own a Wii.

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bloom box has head tracking.

Headtracking Wii

bloom box has head tracking.

Remember those awesome head tracking vids of the wii? Of course you do; they are old as hell. But this link has been sitting in my archive awhile and I forgot to post it when it was new.

Guess who else saw the videos? That’s right! None other than Steven Spielberg. Well, maybe not him directly, but the people working on his game apparently did.

Thanks for the link, Matt!

For those not hyped about Steven’s game, know this: It’s a puzzle game, it’s cute, it has explosions, it has marching armies of chickens.

Believe the hype.