Club Nintendo is out NOW (in US. Has been in Japan awhile.)

Club Nintendo is out.  Apparently, all those games you registered with your account can be worth points if you take Surveys for them.

Currently, the site is being hammered, so expect sudden Username/Password rejections and logouts.  Or your todo list, which lists the available surveys you can take on your registered games, not updating.  I’d recommend waiting, but then someone may register and they’ll sell out of their few available items.

If you haven’t registered your games, that’s probably for the better.  You’ll get +10 bonus points if you declare intent to buy BEFORE registering the game itself.  Since the whole Wii game is only worth 40 (50? Reported, but I only got 40), +10 is quite a bit.

Completing a “completion” survey within 4 weeks of a games launch will also net you another +10.

Good luck getting in the site.  Let us all know what you think.  I’ve got my eyes on the gold plated Game and Watch.

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