A useful facebook app? Wii Friend Code o …

A useful facebook app? Wii Friend Code organizer

This may be the best use of facebook, yet. While I may get laughed at for the Wii Code in my phone, I’m also the only person to ever actually give someone a Wii Code. It’s not like anyone has the damn thing memorized.

Now, this technique may become a thing of the past.


Props to Zazzman for finding this. Now I won’t have to tattoo my friend code on my forearm.

2 thoughts on “A useful facebook app? Wii Friend Code o …

  1. Thanks for the props. If everyone can use this app and get Mario Kart Wii (cough…phokal) we can do some sweet playday mario kart action. I haven’t figured out how we would chat with each other (maybe skype or a 360 chat room), but I’m sure we’ll figure something out.

  2. make. up. your. damn. mind.

    I buy too many games. Or I don’t buy enough.

    And yea, as soon as I *FIND* it I’ll pick up a copy.

    Apparently I’m the only one who doesn’t own it. Even the manager at Subway has asked me about it…

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