Welcome! Got a lot of good things on sale, stranger!

Welcome! Got a lot of good things on sale, stranger!

So, I was in my local game shop browsing when I saw the gem Panzer Dragoon Orta for $10 bucks (it’s backwards compatible now) and I decide to walk up to the register to pay and leave.  After all, I had to get to bond movie night.

They have one of those 10% off used games clubs (so technically, PDO was $9).  The clerk asks for my last name to look up my club info.

Like a man wearing a trenchcoat around an alleyway, he leans over the counter:

“You want Wii Fit, right?”

Puzzled because I had just handed him an old Xbox game and had made no mention of the Wii, I still nod.  After all, I had just added my name to a queue; a list I was a few dozen low on since I had added my name to it just the day before (Thursday).

He must have recognized my name from the pre-order list for Wii Fit.

…or I just looked really out of shape…and hipster enough to own a Wii.

Apparently, the Wii Fit I had seen on the floor the day before (prompting me to add my name to the list when I was told it was someone else’s) had not been picked up for a couple of days.  Their time was up.  And everyone else on the list in front of me had been unresponsive.  I thought this a little odd, because I was *on* the list and had not been called yet, but that’s looking a gift horse in the mouth.

I give the guy the money, and count myself lucky: finding these things is bloody hard.  <Rumor: Sunday, tomorrow, will be a new shipment at Target and possibly elsewhere.  Get there early.>

Now, you may ask: “Aaron, why bother to get a Wii Fit.  You could just do situps, or go running!”

And my response: “I’ll write a damn post on my impressions! Give me some time to try it!”

But if you need something now from my hour long time with the game: *Feedback*

You’ve all seen the games like hula-hoop, or skiing.  And those ARE fun.  But the fit part definitely comes from the Strength Training and Yoga.  Both of which provide feedback on if you are doing it right.  The eye opening moment for me was this V-like sit-up, which barely involved the board at all.  You lay flat, and then stretch up your legs and arms straight up, like a V if viewed from the side (the base of the V is your hips).  Your hips are NOT on the board; that would be impressive balance, though.  Instead you simply, lightly put your feet on the board each time you end a sit-up and flatten out again.

Useless, I thought.  Until it told me I was going to fast, and that I should extend out flat at a slower rate.


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2 thoughts on “Welcome! Got a lot of good things on sale, stranger!

  1. You have become the pimp of your local video game store. I was in there the other day to pick up a wireless 360 headset and there was a mistake with credit I had from a trade-in. When I started to correct the situation, the first thing they said to me was, “Wait, are you Aaron’s friend.” Then everything was miraculously cleared up. You have power or you are the reason they are still open. ;)

  2. -_-

    Well, at least they are still open. Damn convenient location. Perhaps too much so.

    My problem is, I recognize the people who work there but cannot remember names.

    Still, I dislike name tags. I wouldn’t want to force that on anybody. Optional name tags are, of course, permitted. Even better if bling-ed.

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