A Dirty Job: The Book.

A Dirty Job: The Book.

Sometimes, there are times when we do not have access to electronics. Apparently, there are other forms of media to accommodate that situation. There are these black and while pieces of paper that have icons on them arranged in a certain order that conveys ideas directly into the brain when you decode them. These things are called “books” and they entertain you when you “read” them. They don’t even require electricity. What will they think of next?

I just  finished “reading” A Dirty Job, which is a “book” by Christopher Moore. In short, it was pretty good in a modern day whimsical style.

I found this book by looking for something similar to Terry Pratchett. Moore is described as entertaining, the only criticism is that he isn’t British. A Dirty Job has truly enjoyable characters and it looks at death with classic ideas in a modern setting. I think even though the plot of the book isn’t as flushed out as it could be, I though that the book was enjoyable just because we looked at the lives of entertaining characters. These characters knew they were being funny (vs Terry Pratchett, in which everything is done with tongue in cheek).

In short, if you enjoy zainy books and like Terry Pratchett and Douglas (Hitchhiker’s Guide), this book is on the recommended list. If you only read Clancy or King, maybe you should just wait another 6 days or so when a new King book comes out.

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