Lode Runner was 800; now 1200?

Early Wed morning, Lode Runner was released to the marketplace for 800 points.
All of the advertising and announcements pointed to another 1200 point release, including the page on xbox.com.  But the marketplace had it for 800.
I decided to purchase through the marketplace on xbox.com and add to my queue.  Account charged 800 points.

**Price was determined a mistake, and raised to 1200 midday.**Went home, downloaded Lode Runner and checked account balance.  Indeed, I own Lode Runner for 800.

So, what is with all the 1200 point games?  A sign of the raise in MS’s stake in the profits?  If you aren’t Castle Crashers or Braid, your game is going to have a hard time pulling the $15 price point.  N+ was 800.  Even Bionic Commando was 800 (through user poll, but they still did it).

That’s the main thing stopping me from the Penny Arcade game.  It’s $20 on XBLA, $15 everywhere else (and I thought Xbox had to match PSN).  I missed the 800 sale for Ep1, and I did intend to get it, but I would have still been hesitant to continue at $15.

When you can find retail games for $20 (Mirror’s Edge, Tomb Raider Underworld, Oblivion, countless others), and the PSN has classics like Suikoden for $6 playable on either PS3 or PSP, what makes the $15-$20 price point seem like a good idea?

With Steam sales, we can get digital distrobution games for $5.  20% off a coop pack is just weak in comparison.

Anyway, Lode Runner first impressions: very good, but can’t quite take on the other 1200pt heavy hitters.

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