Mirror's Edge is $20 @ Amazon DotD

If you don’t have Mirror’s Edge yet, and had any interest, this is a great time to pick it up.

Only $20, for Xbox360 and PC (sold out of PS3?):


Thanks, CAG Twitter.

I'm Scared


This past holiday season, we’ve seen a few new pieces of IP come out of EA. I think EA is tired of being called a treadmill and want to show that they can create games as well as release roster updates.

Of course, both of the new titles, while doing well critically, did poorly at the checkout counter. The new Prince of Persia tried a few new things, moving away from the hardcore market, and as far as I can tell, they are being punished for it. Would it have sold better as a direct offspring of the existing franchise? Those have to be the questions that are being asked right now for the sequel. It is better for the gamer if the industry introduced new things (think Guitar Hero or Wii, both are interesting ideas that entertained millions)

Of course, if the companies aren’t rewarded with profits, that kills their motivation to introduce new concepts. As much as I am a fan of sequels, there has to be an exhaustion point where we when the audience wants something new, the industry can’t deliver it to them. (I think the Japanese developers have suffered from something similar. They have become accustomed to developing a certain genre or series, and now that the rest of the industry has shifted, they are having a difficult time keeping up in terms of technology).

This isn’t a call to arms or anything like that, it’s just an observation that even though gamers say that they want innovation, the majority of gamers are perfectly content with the status quo.

Get hyped for: Mirror's Edge


Alright, go get the demo for Mirror’s Edge and give it a shot.

I’m not saying you need to buy this game right away.  With all of the other games coming out, and the fact this is published by EA, means it will probably be on sale within a couple months (by the time you’d have time to play it anyway).

What I am saying is, it is good enough that you may be considering getting it now anyway.  That it’s good enough to go to the top of the queue, even if logic dictates it shouldn’t.

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Pratchett's daughter penning Mirror's Edge

Pratchett’s daughter penning Mirror’s Edge

Figured this was worth a quick post for those who missed it on Kotaku. Rhianna Pratchett (Terry’s daughter), who also penned Overlord and Heavenly Sword, will be working on Mirror’s Edge.

I know a few of you are Pratchett fans, and even gained interest in Overlord when you learned she was the writer. What did you think of her work there? Did you know she worked on Heavenly Sword, too?