Get hyped for: Mirror's Edge


Alright, go get the demo for Mirror’s Edge and give it a shot.

I’m not saying you need to buy this game right away.  With all of the other games coming out, and the fact this is published by EA, means it will probably be on sale within a couple months (by the time you’d have time to play it anyway).

What I am saying is, it is good enough that you may be considering getting it now anyway.  That it’s good enough to go to the top of the queue, even if logic dictates it shouldn’t.

It’s really well put together, and if the full game is anything like the demo it is a GotY canidate.  A unique and inovative look at platforming, with a great art style to go with it.

One thing to note: there have been reports (Boramis and the internet) that the PS3 version is easier to control and is the primary console (has exclusive DLC, too).  I’ve played the Xbox version (and downloaded the ps3 demo), and didn’t find any issue with the controls.  But as I just said, I haven’t compared against the PS3 version, yet.

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