Mirror's Edge is $20 @ Amazon DotD

If you don’t have Mirror’s Edge yet, and had any interest, this is a great time to pick it up.

Only $20, for Xbox360 and PC (sold out of PS3?):


Thanks, CAG Twitter.

pLayday: 5/27 – huh?

No Mutants Allowed

pLayday: 5/27 – huh?

Well, I was helping a friend move/clean. So I forgot to post/email and organize pLayday. Apparently, that was enough for no one to show up. Oh well.

Remember: pLayday is akin to a (your favorite) TV show. It’s Tuesdays at 8pm CST, regardless of whether there was a commercial this week.

Also, we’ve been a bit GTA4 heavy. I’m thinking we mix it up again next week with either Halo, Undertow, or most likely Call of Duty 4 (if our Amazon DotD copies get in on time). Also, those games have better party systems than GTA4’s currently broken “most of you will stick together” way of doing things.

Any preference on the subject?

Orange Box for the PC = Same price as TF2 alone for PC

TF Sniper and Pyro

Orange Box for the PC = Same price as TF2 alone for PC

Alright, here is amazon’s deal of the day:


It is Orange Box for the same price ($30) as Portal, TF2, or other parts are individually. If you were contemplating picking up just TF2 for the PC, now is the time to get it, and get the other games for free.

via Cheapassgamer