pLayday: 5/27 – huh?

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pLayday: 5/27 – huh?

Well, I was helping a friend move/clean. So I forgot to post/email and organize pLayday. Apparently, that was enough for no one to show up. Oh well.

Remember: pLayday is akin to a (your favorite) TV show. It’s Tuesdays at 8pm CST, regardless of whether there was a commercial this week.

Also, we’ve been a bit GTA4 heavy. I’m thinking we mix it up again next week with either Halo, Undertow, or most likely Call of Duty 4 (if our Amazon DotD copies get in on time). Also, those games have better party systems than GTA4’s currently broken “most of you will stick together” way of doing things.

Any preference on the subject?

3 thoughts on “pLayday: 5/27 – huh?

  1. i’m gonna try to start making it to these again. i was traveling for work a few weeks ago, and lately have not been able to pull myself away from mario kart wii, so i’ve barely even turned on my 360 in quite some time. i’ll be there next week tho.

    ps – if you play kart on the wii, we should exchange digits.

  2. hmm…friend code exchange on the pLayday page. not a bad idea. we should do that. i’ll start a post sometime later this weekend on it.

    and yea, nobody wants to play with the six fingered man. that’s why you get booted. ;)

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