don’t tell me the ending to: Left 4 Dead 2

I’ll start off with that, so far, I really enjoy Left 4 Dead 2.  L4D2 had a lot of negative feedback from fans of L4D1 since it was released only a year after the initial title.  L4D1’s content was sparse and most of us fans purchased L4D1 on the assumption there would be more content added for us for free or a reasonable price.  Instead, very little was released and L4D1 feels content poor; the solution is to buy the fully priced sequel that appears to be little more than an upgrade or expansion pack.

From what I’ve played, L4D2 both defies and meets these expectations.

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Get hyped for: Trine (again, now with Coop)

As I mentioned previously, Trine looks and sounds amazing.

Now, adding coop makes it even better.  Coming soon to a PS3 or PC near you.  I just really, *really* hope they allow support for 2 players on one system, and a third on another; too many games are either all hotseat, or all online.  My roomate wants to play, too, dammit.

Get hyped.

Diablo 2 – Step 2. Forming a Party and Schedule

Diablo 2 – Step 2. Forming a Party and Schedule


I know some of you have expressed interest in starting a Diablo 2 campaign run.  This would also be an hour or 2 a week, similar to pLayday, but attendance would be more mandatory.  We wouldn’t want some party members to get higher than others or to finish chapters without people present.  For the same reason, we would not want to play with these characters outside of the timeslot.

So, email me or post here your schedule (free days/times) if you are interested in participating.  There are a limited number of slots (6-8, can’t remember).