Diablo 2 – US East Ladder Characters

Diablo 2- US East Ladder Characters

Boramis notes when you order the $6 keys you have to pick both server and ladder. This is odd b/c server is per b.net acct and ladder is per character. For now, pick US East w/ Ladder, just in case it matters.

Remember, we’ll all want to start with level 1 characters at the same time, and your characters have to have unique names.  If you want to play with us with a specific name, be sure not to name your ‘testing out’ character the same one.  Not sure how long it takes after you delete them to be able to reuse the name.

See the Owning It post for details on where to pick up keys on the cheap.

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Diablo 2 – Step 2. Forming a Party and Schedule

Diablo 2 – Step 2. Forming a Party and Schedule


I know some of you have expressed interest in starting a Diablo 2 campaign run.  This would also be an hour or 2 a week, similar to pLayday, but attendance would be more mandatory.  We wouldn’t want some party members to get higher than others or to finish chapters without people present.  For the same reason, we would not want to play with these characters outside of the timeslot.

So, email me or post here your schedule (free days/times) if you are interested in participating.  There are a limited number of slots (6-8, can’t remember).

Diablo 2 – Step 1. Owning it

Diablo 2 – Step 1. Owning it

Alright, today’s Amazon deal of the hour is Diablo 2 battlechest for 27 bucks.  Not a GREAT deal (Gogamer.com has it for $30), but amazon is tax-less and ships free.


Boramis also found a deal where you can buy used keys for about $6, then use them on blizzard’s site to get the media (Download to replace scratched cds).  Certainly way cheaper.



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pLayday: 7/8 – Coop We'll see who co …

pLayday: 7/8 – Coop

We’ll see who comes today. If it is a low number like the last two times, then we may be able to do some Halo achievement hunting, co-op campaign with scoring, gta co-op.
I’m thinking next week, or the week after, we should shoot for some Diablo 2 co-op (up to 8 players). Who’d be interested in that? The battlechest goes on sale for $20. Is it available for that anywhere this week?