Diablo 2 – Step 2. Forming a Party and Schedule

Diablo 2 – Step 2. Forming a Party and Schedule


I know some of you have expressed interest in starting a Diablo 2 campaign run.  This would also be an hour or 2 a week, similar to pLayday, but attendance would be more mandatory.  We wouldn’t want some party members to get higher than others or to finish chapters without people present.  For the same reason, we would not want to play with these characters outside of the timeslot.

So, email me or post here your schedule (free days/times) if you are interested in participating.  There are a limited number of slots (6-8, can’t remember).

7 thoughts on “Diablo 2 – Step 2. Forming a Party and Schedule

  1. Currently busy MTW with Frisbee and pLayday already. pLayday may be moving anyway, though…so:

    Sunday evening 7pm->on(maybe)
    Tuesday 7pm->on (maybe, depends on pLayday)
    Thurs 7pm->on
    Sat noonish->afternoonish (least likely).

  2. I am around all the time, weekends & friday are usually bad though. Sundays I am usually around. Rest of the week I am home by about 6PM PST. Ready anytime after that.

    M-Th Anytime after 8PM/9PM central
    F – sporadically available. work from home so ready at 7PM central
    S – sporadically available, anytime
    Su – usually available, anytime.

  3. I’d play, but sometimes I have to travel during the evenings. As long as we schedule something maybe at the beginning of the week, that would work for me (most of the time)

  4. Lynn and I are both in. I’m open pretty much every night after 7, and afternoons and later on Sunday. Lynn said she’d get me her schedule tomorrow.

  5. Lynn here. I’m excited to play Diablo 2. Hope it works on my Mac. Boramis assures me that it will… Ok so schedule:
    7pm on Sun would work perfectly for me except for Aug. 24th (maybe I can make a bot play in my stead ;). but I could also hop in late here. Maybe 30-45 min. late.
    Saturdays and Friday nights are generally bad for me.
    Tuesdays after 8:30 are ok but not great once the snow starts falling cause it’s harder to get home by 8:30 then.
    Monday evening is fine.
    Wednesday & Thursday – I have no idea right now.

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