Diablo 2 – Step 1. Owning it

Diablo 2 – Step 1. Owning it

Alright, today’s Amazon deal of the hour is Diablo 2 battlechest for 27 bucks.  Not a GREAT deal (Gogamer.com has it for $30), but amazon is tax-less and ships free.


Boramis also found a deal where you can buy used keys for about $6, then use them on blizzard’s site to get the media (Download to replace scratched cds).  Certainly way cheaper.



For those that are interested, I recommend jumping on the deal and letting me know here.  Step 2 will be getting everyone’s schedule and coming up with a good day/time.  If you already own it, let me know as well.

4 thoughts on “Diablo 2 – Step 1. Owning it

  1. Used Boramis’ method, got issued new keys upon registering the old ones (bought on g2buy) on Blizzard. I am open to playing Mon-Thurs after 6pm. Sunday anytime.

  2. SICK.

    I am downloading new cds from blizzard right now. this rules.
    I’ll be around pretty much all week as far as I know.

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